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Terms & Conditions


Customer assumes all risk for loss, damage or defacing of container and / or dumpster while in your possession. Container must be returned clean or a cleaning charge of $100 will apply. Burning will permanently damage and is not permitted in a dumpster. BLM is held harmless and customer assumes full responsibility for any damage to, or caused from low hanging objects, wires, or branches. Customer will be
responsible for paying up to $5,000 dollars to replace a burnt dumpster. Customer assumes all personal liability, property liability
(including damage to the ground areas from our vehicle and equipment) & risk for damages occurring to stored goods. This includes, but is
not limited to, water damage from rain, flooding, moisture, and condensation. Any BLM equipment for accounts that become 90 days past
due are subject to be repossessed. Customer assumes all risk for Equipment Contents damaged from transportation of repossessed BLM
equipment. BLM Group Inc does not provide insurance for customer’s stored property.

BLM Group Inc will place container in a location declared by customer. Customer assumes all liability for damages to placement location and travel path, including but not limited to: sprinklers, concrete, paving, underground pipes, fences, structures, and/or landscaping, etc.

BLM Group Inc reserves the right to not place container in any location. If directed by customer to place the container in a location or have a travel path which is not within Federal, County, State or City code or ordinance, the customer agrees to pay all towing and impound charges associated with the removal of the container. Customer specifically acknowledges and accepts the statutory regulations set forth by all Federal, State, County, and City agencies and/or legislations proposed or in effect in the jurisdiction and state in which the container is stored or located. This agreement contains a disclaimer of warranties both express and implied in the terms and conditions attached hereto.

Customer acknowledges that he/she /they have/has been informed as to all locking systems, door operation, and about the importance of
making weekly interior visual inspections. Customer releases any and all claims against BLM Group Inc, its subsidiaries, parent company,
agents and/or employees related to the storage contract and contents contained within any rented or leased containers / trailers.

Customer hereby acknowledges that he/s he grants in BLM Group Inc a contractual lien and security interest on the customer’s personal property, goods or possessions placed within the container securing all the rent now or hereafter payable by customer to BLM Group Inc
under the terms of this agreement. In the event of customer’s default, said customer hereby authorizes and grants unrestricted permission to
enter without notice of any time of the day or night, where the equipment is located, to repossess, recover or attach the equipment, including
any personal property placed within the equipment. In addition, BLM Group Inc, at its option, is granted the right to remove customer’s
personal property and to sell it at a public auction or private sale in accordance with applicable law.

Customer herby acknowledges that he/she has received and read the terms and conditions in their entirety, as set forth above. Customer acknowledges that he/she is obligated to inspect the rental unit upon delivery to ensure that it is in acceptable condition and without any damage. Customer acknowledges that he/she is obligated to pay BLM Group, Inc prevailing repair rates for damages to the rental unit while
in the possession of said renter.

This agreement is subject to the information and representations herein, any documents provided herewith, and to the provided terms and conditions attached here with, all of which constitute this complete off-site rental agreement.

The person signing as the customer represents that he/she has the authority to execute this agreement. This agreement will not be considered binding or realized until signed and accepted by an authorized agent of BLM Group Inc. Terms and conditions may only be changed by written approval of company officers. This agreement creates legally enforceable rights and obligations for and upon customer. BLM Group Inc urges and requires customer to fully review the entire agreement prior to execution. In the event customer is unable to understand any part of this agreement, BLM Group Inc urges customer to by execution this agreement that he/she agrees with the terms of the agreement, has been given full opportunity to read the agreement and indeed understands all provisions.